my dad licked my face

Daily Trivia
The biggest fear of chefs who cook for world leaders is food poisoning.

I think that was also one of my dad’s biggest fears for us kids when we were growing up. every time we got something to eat at a restaurant, he would say “that looks good, I better taste it just to make sure it is ok.” I think he was very afraid that it was poisoned. Actually I think he just wanted to eat some of our food. Also, he used to always lick around the bottom of the scoop of ice cream on our cones because he wanted to make sure that the ice cream didn’t drip on our fingers. My friends often remark that I am a messy ice cream eater (which they see a lot because I really like ice cream). I am unable to eat ice cream on a cone without it dripping all over my fingers because I was never taught to do it independently. This is how parents scar your psyche. I don’t really know why he was so upset about ice cream dripping on our fingers. Maybe this was also a ploy to eat ice cream. Also, he always licked our fingers and then our faces after we ate. Because he isn’t especially concerned with his own personal hygiene, I think he also did this because he liked eating the sticky mess off of our faces. Or maybe he was too lazy to get a wipe. It could also be because he grew up in Africa where they have very little water, so they have to use their saliva to clean their children.

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