flagellation is not a hobby

Daily Trivia:
The Latins called Attila the Hun Flagellum Dei, which means Scourge of G-d.

At first when I saw this I was like, oh maybe that word is the latin root for flatulence. But then I realised it is the latin root for flagellation, so this blog entry is not funny. Farts are funny. Whipping someone’s body is not. Unless you are a sadist or a masochist, in which case flagellation may be A) hilarious and B) a turn on.
I told this trivia to the guy who works across from me, and he asked me why I knew this. I said it was because my name rhymed with trivia and that it is a hobby of mine. He said a hobby should be evaluated by how much money you can make from it. Not that you should make money from it, but what is the point of having a hobby of collecting rubber bands since they will never have any value. On the other hand, knitting, embroidery, dunnies, trivia, and farting, are all hobbies that not only offer endless hours of enjoyment, but also will eventually have monetary value. Well, at least the first four will.

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