even i had manna cards

Daily Trivia:
In 1981, tribal leaders in an eastern Kenyan village formally condemned the tortoise because they suspected it of causing the deaths of six people by magic. The tortoise was later freed.

The tribal leaders realised what a grave mistake it was to release the tortoise when it beat the hare in a footrace, obviously using the same magic techniques it had used to kill those six people. My brothers and I used to play Magic: The Gathering. Dylan had a Black Lotus, which everyone knows is the rarest of all Magic cards. I am pretty sure his was fake because it is not like he spent that much money on his cards. Although, if anyone took care of their cards well, it was Dylan. He put every card in a plastic protector, even the manna which were as common as water. Or bread. Get it?
He taught me how to play, and I will admit, I played for a while. Yes, I enjoyed it. But to be honest, I was more interested in deciding if I wanted a green and black deck or a red and blue deck. I could have had a green and blue deck, but I didn’t really think it prudent.

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