congress in carriages

Daily Trivia:
The State of Franklin originally seceded from North Carolina and existed from 1784-1788 in what is now eastern Tennessee. It received 7 votes when it applied to the US Congress for statehood, a majority, but not the necessary 2/3 majority.

Remember when 7 votes in congress was a majority? Oh man those were the days. I wish they made it mandatory for people in congress to take horses and carriages to work every day. People would be like, “this is so inefficient! you can’t run a democracy like this! archaic archaic archaic!” And then some old republicans would be like “we must preserve the tradition and values of our great nation.” And then they would win the next election because they used the words tradition and values and called our nation great even though their precious horses and carriages are probably driven by starving children but nobody cares because they are immigrants.
It would be really exciting if the Democrats swept the elections tomorrow and won back both houses. But I am not getting my hopes up because they have disappointed me so many times in the past.

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