grenades are mouth-watering

Daily Trivia:
Hand grenades were named for the Spanish word for pomegranate, ‘granada.’ Soldiers often compared the shrapnel from grenades to the abundant seeds in pomegranates.

That actually makes some sense because if you turned the pomegranate upside down, it would look like a red version of the killing machine on the right. Except does anyone else think it is weird that pomegranates are a symbol of life and grenades are small death machines? Yes. Me too. Also, why don’t they make military paraphernalia better looking? I heard some guy patented a special type of paint coating for guns that can give them all sorts of different textures and colours on the outside. Then some places outlawed the coating because it made the guns look like toys. So I think the grenade is pretty much the closest you are going to get to a weapon that looks fruity and delicious.

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