scuba diving with alf

Daily Trivia:
President George W. Bush never filed a UFO sighting report. Former President Jimmy Carter, however, did file such a report while governor of Georgia in 1973.

You may know Jimmy Carter from such popular films as “I am Listening to Something Very Scary and Important on This Red Telephone” and “Me and Mr. Peanut.” Why do you think we have acronyms for so many things that relate to outer space? Allow me to provide you with a few examples in order to illustrate my point: UFO, ET, ALF, SCUBA. Well maybe not SCUBA, but we know less about certain categories of underwater life than we do about outer space. Outer Space and Deep Ocean are pretty similar. For instance, they both are far away, dark, have weird gases, and breed organisms that are crazy looking.
That sounds a lot like my parents. Except my rental units are pretty pale. My dad gets burned by the sun very easily. My mom gets tanned by the sun very easily.
I once did a report on Jimmy Carter because I thought he was the one President that nobody else would write a report on. I was right, but there was a reason: he was a very very complex man (sarc), and his presidency was, and still is plagued with confusion. Like confusion about how he ever got elected and what he accomplished while in office.
Amy and Michael told me that the first Habitat for Humanity home was built in Alphabet City.

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