number 23 went to UNC

Daily Trivia:
The thagomizer is the arrangement of four to ten spikes on the tail of dinosaurs, like the Stegosaurus. The term was originally a joke from a Far Side comic strip by Gary Larson, in which cavemen in a lecture hall are taught by their caveman professor that the spikes were named in honor of the late Thag Simmons.

Doesn’t that make you wonder where I get this crazy trivia? I won’t tell you, it is a secret. But I will tell you that one of the best things about the Far Side is how the animals have totally normal names. Like there will be squirrels named Carl or George.

Flying squirrels are pretty crazy because they have webbed arms and legs. If a human had webbed arms and legs, or even webbed toes, people would think they were a freak. I guess there are some things that are okay in the squirrel world and not in the human world. Also humans cannot jump from one branch of a tree to another branch on a different tree and float through the air while doing it. The closest to this I have ever seen is the logo for Air Jordan. He could be a squirrel.

Please note I have taken to incorporating photos into my posts. This is called technological innovation.
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