bonnets aren’t just for babies anymore

Daily Trivia:
Henry Ford asked Thomas Edison‘s son to capture his father’s final breath in a test tube. Ford was both an admirer of Edison and a believer in reincarnation.

Do you know who else was a believer in reincarnation? Jane Stanford, the wife of Leland Stanford. Their son died of typhoid fever. After they established Stanford University she was always holding seances in her house because she missed him. Seriously. There was even a rumour that the reason they decided to found the University was because their son came to them in a seance and told them to. This rumour was not true. Apparently this was a pretty common thing back in Ye Olden Days. To have seances and believe in people coming back from the dead to visit and such. Ulysses S. Grant was into it. So was Victor Hugo, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and many other Olden Day notables.
If I lived in Ye Olden Days, I would probably wear a bonnet. And a bustle. My name would be Clarissa or something like that, and they probably wouldn’t let me use the internet at all. To protect me since I am a lady. And such.

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