ice cream hero

Daily Trivia:
In late 2005, Gary Coleman opened an ice cream shop in Cheyenne, Wyoming called Short Stuff’s Frozen Treats.

Does that mean that I can open an ice cream shop called Tall Tart’s Frozen Treats? Because I really do like ice cream. A lot. In fact, I believe this is the second post in which I have mentioned how much I like ice cream. Once I went to McDonald’s with John in the morning because he wanted some breakfast from there, but I got an ice cream. We returned and someone told me that a) it was a little early for ice cream and b) i looked so happy eating it. The second statement is probably true, but the first clearly was not. Especially with regard to ice cream from McDonald’s. Actually the ice cream cones at McDonalds are not really ice cream, they are lowfat something, but they are so great. In college I used to eat one every day. Sean and I once saw some guy buy two ice cream cones at once. Then he sat on the couch to eat them both, alternating between each hand. I believe Sean remarked that he was double-fisting the ice cream. When he finished these cones, the Ice Cream King returned to buy two more, and proceeded again to the couch. This man still resides in my memory as the greatest man who ever lived.

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