tripping in the travelodge

Daily Trivia:
Bicycle Day honors April 19, 1943, the day when scientist Albert Hofmann first tested LSD on himself. He experienced the hallucinogenic effects while riding his bicycle home from his lab.

That is the day before April 20. Which is 4/20. If I really liked LSD and pot (I don’t like either) then I would have a great couple of days in April. Ok so April 18th is my baby brother Boo’s birthday and he will turn 21. Theoretically, he could go on a bender and get drizzunk on 4/18, then start a trip on 4/19, and then smoke some sticky-icky on 4/20. Only the first day would be legal. I think if he decides to do that, he should stay in the motel pictured below.

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