imagine an egg

Daily Trivia:
Hens with white feathers and earlobes lay white eggs. Brown eggs come from hens with red feathers and earlobes.

But which came first? The white chicken or the brown egg? When I was younger we only ate brown eggs because my mom said they were healthier. I am not sure if that is true but it makes sense. One of the reasons that snow is so astounding is that it is one of very few entirely white things to be found in nature. So how likely is it that bright white eggs are natural? Not very. If white eggs were a creamier colour or speckled I would be more likely to believe that they were not artificial. Eggs actually last quite a long time, almost two weeks past the sell-by date on the carton. You can use egg cartons for all sorts of things, including making cardboard caterpillars, crocodiles, or miniature Chinese dragons. All you need is some sequins, glitter, glue, paint, feathers, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, the kitchen sink, and your imagination!
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