brine shrimp don’t sleep

Daily Trivia:
The lines in the circle of the peace sign form a combination of the letters ‘N’ and ‘D,’ abbreviating the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament‘s call for nuclear disarmament.

I feel like someone poisoned me. Stop poisoning me! Amber and I used to say nuclear warhead to each other for no reason. Like if I wanted to say something threatening to her, I would make my hand into a fist and be like ‘nuclear warhead.’ It doesn’t make much sense, but it made sense to us. Also, we poisoned brine shrimp with acetic acid to simulate the affects of acid rain on their environment. Many of them died, as expected. That was not a very good experiment. At first we wanted to try and do an experiment where one of us would stay awake for weeks and see how impaired our cognitive abilities became. But then neither of us wanted to stay awake for that long so we decided on brine shrimp.

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