intellectuals are overrated

Daily Trivia
After earning a degree in biology from Vassar College, Lisa Kudrow became an actress at the urging of Jon Lovitz. Jon Lovitz, a family friend of Lisa Kudrow, urged her to enter acting while she was with the comedy group The Groundlings.

Oh me oh my! This is funny because not only is Sean a cousin of Jon Lovitz, but also, I am often compared to Lisa Kudrow’s character in Friends. Also one of my favourite movies is Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion which has Lisa Kudrow in it. Also she is a member of Mensa which I think is pretty telling. It takes a high degree of intelligence to play the off-beat ditsy characters that she specialises in. I know because in high school people thought I was a little ditsy and were very surprised to hear my SAT scores. This is because I got good scores. Another example of this phenomenon in pop culture is Jessica Simpson, who, despite her on-screen persona, actually has an IQ that qualifies her as a genius. You may argue with this fact, but I ask you this one question: does your name rhyme with trivia? I didn’t think so. Q.E.D.

Here is a picture of George Lucas made out of Legos.

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