building blockheads

Daily Trivia
Decapitated heads continued to respond to external stimuli for several seconds after parting from their respective bodies. For instance, some heads would look you in the eyes if you called their names. In fact, researchers theorize that you can have a “conversation” with a decapitated head for about 10 to 12 seconds. Lung-less, the head can’t talk, but it can blink to answer yes or no.

I am too tired right now to have a conversation with a body-less head. It would take a lot of energy since I would have to do all the talking. I guess that is a little like having a conversation with a stupid person. They only respond to you in dull blabbering idiot speak, which is still difficult to understand even in all of its obvious simplicity. You know when you see a really super closeup picture of a waffle and you have no idea what it is because it is the very building blocks of a waffle. That is what talking to a stupid person is like. They are too stupid to organize the building blocks of the human mind into anything resembling coherence, so it just comes out like “make war. go team. books suck.”


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