the swiss family sloth

Daily Trivia
While female sloth will typically leave their trees after giving birth, the males of the species typically remain on the same tree for their entire lives.

That is so not like Sean and me. I like to stay in my tree and Sean likes to go to concerts in other trees. Maybe if I gave birth to a baby sloth then I would go to another tree. I guess we’ll never know because it is highly unlikely that I will ever have a sloth as a child. Although I may have a child that is sloth-like.

The animal is named after the sin, not the other way around.

When I was younger, I used to dream that one day my dad would build us a really nice treehouse like in the Swiss Family Robinson. Their treehouse had beds, mirrors, and even parrots in it. My regular house had beds and mirrors, but no parrots, and it was not in the middle of green foliage.
Also, why are they called the Swiss Family Robinson? Why are they not called the Robinson Family of Swiss Origin? Or the Robinsons from Switzerland? And don’t give me that less-words-better-title argument. It is bunk.

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