make webs not war

Daily Trivia
Not all spider silk is sticky, but those spider webs that are made from sticky silk typically lose their stickiness within a few days.

I had this cool website (I really only had the address for the website, not the website itself) that was really a web site. Oh chuckle chuckle. Web. Site. It had mathematically-generated diagrams of different webs spun by species of spider and the types of silk used to spin each web and each part of the web.
It was supercool. There are some spiders that act as a loaded spring on their own web by holding a certain part of their web until someone comes along. Their web isn’t sticky, but as soon as someone lands on it, the spider lets go and the inferior being gets trapped! muah ha ha.
I like spiders. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I like Spiderman. This post has nothing to do with him. Except that I just mentioned him.
Also, there are some spiders that weave their webs into parachutes and stand on the top of a fence or blade of grass until the wind catches their web-a-chute and then they let the wind take them where it may.
There are spiders who weave their waterproof webs into bubbles around themselves so that they can go snorkeling. Just kidding. They don’t go snorkeling. They just go underwater to escape predators I think.
What I am saying is, give spiders a chance.

EDIT: I found the link.

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One Response to “make webs not war”

  1. gary Says:

    spiders may be cool but elephants are much cooler (that’s why i like them).
    they talk to each other by stomping their feet and by listening over 10s of miles.

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