they like their estuaries

Daily Trivia
Argentines like to say that the Rio de la Plata is the widest river in the world. At its widest point, it is more than 220 kilometers (130 miles) across. For purists, though, the Rio de la Plata is not a river at all, but an estuary.

Muah ha ha. The Argentines are wrong! This is a post from Argentina. I am at a locutorio renting this computer´s internet time, and so blogspot thinks I speak Spanish. Actually, it thinks I speak Castellano, since that is what they call it in Argentina. Instead of having a button that says “save as draft” it says “guardar como borrador.”
Many gauchos were seen by us today since there was a desfile (parade) celebrating the Gaucho General Guemes. There were even little gauchitos riding regular horses. Also a dog followed us around town for some time today but when Paula tried to give it some of her cereal bar the dog wouldn´t eat it.
That is all. Happy Dia del Padre today and happy Dia de la Bandera tomorrow. Sean was right that every day is pretty much a holiday here.

UPDATE: Sean has been added as a label for this post since he requested it. Requests for label additions will be granted if and only if a valid argument for these additions is made.

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One Response to “they like their estuaries”

  1. Sean Says:

    I think maybe I should be listed as a topic on this post because of my good insight at the end on the Argentine culture.

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