got hamilton?

Daily Trivia
When told that Hamilton may have misled him at the duel, the ever-laconic Burr replied, “Contemptible, if true.”

We have been reading about all of this American stuff in my constitutional law class, (which btw is taught by Steven Calabresi, founder of The Federalist Society, which is generally not that into Hamilton) and I keep getting Hamilton and Madison and Jefferson confused. Because they all wrote Federalist papers and all wrote letters to newspapers under pseudonyms, and all had something to do with the constitution and that stuff.

But then I decided to remember Hamilton because of that funny line by Aaron Burr and that heartbreaking Got Milk? commercial and I found out he is on the $10 bill which is my favorite. I will remember that his name is like Ham, and he was into big government, and Ham is big. I think. I mean I think that Ham is big.

Next time I will try to find a way to remember who the others are. We are going to do trivia at a bar tonight. yay!


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