six word memoir 4

i hear everything and it hurts.

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six word memoir 3

this is not really a memoir.

six word memoir 2

there will be quite a lot.

six word memoir

i don’t know; i’m not done.

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classic. but not trivia.

me: better late than never, right?
Sean: pico
me: what is pico
Sean: thats my version of right
me: did you just make it up
Sean: i decided it means correct
me: oh. well. good decision. where did you find the word?
Sean: made it up

lightsaber in a library

Daily Trivia
Boba Fett was cloned from Jango Fett in “Episode 2” on Kamino. He saw his dad die from getting his head cut off from a lightsaber that belonged to Mace Windu.

My meez is fighting with a lightsaber in the library. It is not an umbrella.

bubble bubble bubble

my stomach hurts again.

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