lots of labels for quinine

Daily Trivia

Quinine, made from the bark of the cinchona tree, is a muscle relaxant, anti-malarial, an additive in tonic water, and one way drug dealers stretch their product.

I used to work at a Veteran’s hospital where part of my job consisted of going on walks with Veterans who had congestive heart failure. One of the gentlemen that I walked with was kind enough to talk with me about several topics. One of these topics was the use of quinine in The War. It was his opinion that quinine helped him survive The War.
When veterans talk about The War they expect you to know which war they fought in, since in their world, the war to which they are referring is the only one that matters. Due to my knowledge of his age, I surmised that he was referencing the second war of the worlds.
People from The Olden Days think that what they knew back then must be true now (a natural, though not always safe, assumption). They also have a great respect for authority (some would argue too much, hence the hippie movement). If the army (authority) tells you to take quinine, then quinine must be very good for you.
So this gentleman recalled being given quinine supplements in The War, survived The War, and somehow decided that one caused the other. Moreover, he was of the opinion that a young lady such as myself should take quinine supplements regularly.
Since quinine used to be a common antimalarial treatment, I think it is safe to say that I do not need to take it. It may have helped this gentleman survive the war. Especially if he was in North Africa.
I do drink tonic water.
Do you think people who take drugs mixed with quinine have a better survival rate in countries with malaria problems? I bet they do.
Quinine is fluorescent. See?
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tripping in the travelodge

Daily Trivia:
Bicycle Day honors April 19, 1943, the day when scientist Albert Hofmann first tested LSD on himself. He experienced the hallucinogenic effects while riding his bicycle home from his lab.

That is the day before April 20. Which is 4/20. If I really liked LSD and pot (I don’t like either) then I would have a great couple of days in April. Ok so April 18th is my baby brother Boo’s birthday and he will turn 21. Theoretically, he could go on a bender and get drizzunk on 4/18, then start a trip on 4/19, and then smoke some sticky-icky on 4/20. Only the first day would be legal. I think if he decides to do that, he should stay in the motel pictured below.

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