spider time

Daily Trivia
More than 150 spiders were used in the laboratory scene in the movie “Spider-Man.” An assistant auditioned spider actors and picked the ones with the most predictable behavior.
The movie’s bug consultant, Steve Kutcher, stated that no spiders were harmed during the filming because the Humane Society looked out for their welfare.

October is the best time to collect spider paraphernalia. There were some spider magnets at the store but they were outrageously expensive. I wouldn’t consider myself especially thrifty but since I have a black fridge they wouldn’t show up and my cost benefit ratio was just too high. The cleaning people came so that probably means less spiders in the corners. But the good news is….wait, I forgot. Seriously. What was it? Oh! The good news is that when it gets colder I like to knit more and knitting reminds me of spiders. Knitting, writing and embroidery all remind me of spiders.
Can I have a spider please? Thank you.